Outdoor Ice Makers

People need outdoor ice makers. The reason is quite simple. The ice machine would help you enjoy cold drinks whenever and wherever you are. If you plan for an outdoor picnic, ice maker should be listed as top supplies to have in the car. If you travel to a remote place, where electricity couldn’t be found while the weather is actually hot, and your lunch pack will not be perfect without cold wine or cold juice, you will miss an outdoor ice maker so much. Refrigerator is nowhere there and without the ice maker, you will lose much of joy at the special picnic moment.

Even if you take the traveling purpose aside, you still have other reasons why you need the outdoor ice maker. This home utility is perfect for parties. The machine can provide an ample amount of ice for your gatherings and or parties. Think about poolside bars. With a big number of people coming to the pool, your refrigerator in the kitchen won’t produce enough ice for all of your party guests. Only ice maker that can be used at poolside and provide a steady supply of ice. You don’t need to go back into the house many times to get ice.

The outdoor ice maker comes with compact and portable design. The machine can make ice within minutes! There is no need to worry about the ice melting.

Outdoor ice maker
Outdoor ice maker. Source: kalamazoogourmet.com

Beautiful Shapes of Ice

Refrigerator has been long associated with an ice cube, but when the outdoor ice maker comes to the market offering beautiful shapes of ice, refrigerator seems to be left behind. The ice shape isn’t an important reason to encourage people to buy an outdoor ice maker, but many people choose an ice maker based on the shape of the ice the machine can produce. Ice makers are capable of producing different shapes of ice, including cube, tube, nugget, half-diced, and flaked.

How to Choose Outdoor Ice Makers

There are two types of the ice maker in the market, for home use and commercial use. For home-use ice makers, you can choose one of these two ice maker types: Portable ice maker or built-in ice maker. Answer following questions to help you drop your best decision in choosing an ice maker.

  • How much ice would you need daily in your family?
  • How often you hold parties?
  • How many people do you expect to serve at parties?
  • Do you need an ice maker with a separate storage or prefer an ice maker with its own bin?

For family ice consumption, your refrigerator can produce enough ice, let’s then considering to choose an ice machine for the possibility of an increase in the demand for ice. Be on safe side and get a machine with a greater ice capacity. If your family love to go traveling and enjoy outdoor activities, the outdoor ice maker is the best option. The outdoor ice maker is commonly constructed solidly and is heavy duty. It comes with strong construction. However, it can be quite expensive compared to an indoor unit.

For commercial use, you can find more info here.

What Are Different Types Of Ice cream?

While traveling in the middle of the scorching heat of the sun, a visit to the ice cream shop into will come into the option. Especially there are now many now emerging ice cream shops with a unique variety of flavors offered.

1. Gelato


Gelato is an Italian ice cream that has frozen the meaning of the word ‘GLARE’. Ice cream, gelato is known to be more viscous than the usual ice cream. So this kind of ice cream is often in coastal areas, more dense and cold. Dough filled with eggs to make gelato more solid and tasty. Milk mixture was poured the cold ice cream. Although it is solid gelato, but it doesn’t contain high fat, so the gelato is favored although it is more expensive. So what’s the difference gelato ice cream? Gelato itself means ice cream in Italian. But in a culinary context, it has evolved into a kind of gelato ice cream made according to the tradition of the Italian people.

It indeed differed between the ice cream is usually with gelato. Gelato feels more solid but so smooth texture with a strong taste of milk. While the ice cream is stronger in flavor cream, this one is not.

Gelato itself has less fat than ice cream. Ice cream made with cream cooker containing at least 10 percent fat. While gelato uses more milk than cream, it also has gelato typically uses less yolk.

Ice cream is usually stirred faster and stronger than gelato. So as a result, an increase in the volume of ice cream over the air that occur during the mixing process. This volume is an increase of 25 to 90 percent. This makes the ice cream softer and smoother. While gelato stirred at a slower pace, the result is the mixture becomes denser.

2. Sorbet


Sorbet, an ice cream dish made from sweetened fruit juice. Sorbet dough is the result of grinding the fruit until smooth and not through the cooking process in order to feel the freshness of the fruit. Sorbet did not use milk or egg mixture so that it will feel fresh fruit flavors. Any fiber that is beneficial for digestion. But do not be surprised if it gives a natural fruit taste and texture is not so gentle. It has a mixture of fat (milk or eggs) there is ice named Sherbet.

3. Sherbet


Sherbet or Sorbet is similar to that differ only batter its course, which contains a lot of fats.

4. Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt

The ice cream is made from yogurt plus the taste of food and ice cream stabilizer. How to make is almost the same as making ice cream. Frozen yogurt can be an alternative to ice cream lovers who are dieting because the fat content is low or even non-existent.

5. Dondurma

Turkish Dondurma
Turkish Dondurma

This delicious ice cream comes from Turkey. It is made from milk ingredients, sugar, cream, and mastic.

6. Roulette Ice


In Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia, we know Roulette Ice which is made from coconut milk without using cream. Taste in use is also typical of Asia, such as coconut, Advocates and Green Beans.

7. Kulfi


In India, Ice Cream popularly known as KULFI is made from buffalo milk with added flavorings pistachio, mango, cardamom, and saffron.

8. Ice Cream Green Tea MACHA


In Japan, the ice cream is made from green tea (MACCHA ice cream) and red beans OGURA, there is also the MOCHI ice cream that is made from MOCHI cake batter.